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Dr. Yeager


Contact:; 843-767-8383

Facebook: Jerry Zucker Middle School Band

ourse Description

Band is a Fine Arts course in which students will play musical instruments and perform music in various styles. In addition, students will perform at various school and community events (see calendar).


Assessment and Grading

Students will earn grades based on a weighted system:

     Each QUARTER grade will equal:

          35%     Performances*

          35%     Weekly participation and preparation

          25%     Playing tests

            5%     Other assignments

The SEMESTER grade will equal: (Average of 2 quarters x .8) + (Concert grade x .2)

* See calendar. Points will be deducted for tardiness, improper attire, improper equipment storage, etc.


Performance Uniforms

Each student will be required to wear proper attire in order to perform:

Girls: Zucker Band polo shirt, black shoes/socks, black pants or skirt (NO JEANS!)

Boys: Zucker Band polo shirt, black shoes/socks, black pants (NO JEANS!)

Band shirts are available through me for $25. If this is a problem for you, please speak to me.


Extra Help Opportunities

I will stay after school Tuesdays (and some Thursdays) after Labor Day to work with students.