"Hey!  It's Tay. My mind just ran on my Zucker family. I really miss being  there, walking around and seeing y'all. I wanted to just say hey and thank you so much, every last teacher helped me to become a better person and believe me i got more mature, no little things bother me , nobody can make me angry anymore and its all because of my zucker teachers. Yall saw something in me that i didn't and i appreciate the help and guidance that was giving to me.  love y'all so much."   --former JZMS student  11-14-16

"I am so happy that I sent my child to your school.  I have never met teachers that care so much about their students.  Zucker classes can be tough and it makes my boy better every day.  I sent you a boy and soon you'll be sending him to high school ready to be a successful man.  Thank you."   --JZMS Parent 1-7-2013

"Mr. Hilden is awesome. How do I explain it....he gives us hard work. Adult work. But still treats us like we're kids. So we can make mistakes and not feel bad and try again...and in the end we've done "real" work."   --8th grade Honors student in Mr. Hilden's ELA class (2012-2013)

"My son goes to Zucker and I think it is such a great school.  I am proud of the way he is learning and the care of teachers and staff.  I want to thank every one."  --ZMS Parent  12-16-2011