Junior Student-to-Student Program


Zucker's core JS2S Team
Ms. Lotts (sponsor), Shekynah Moore, Riley Metz, Chance Palmer, Trevor Waring, Tykirra Brown, Dane Geyer.

Zucker's Junior Student to Student (JS2S) program is responsible for making sure students feel comfortable on their first day with us.  We welcome new students to the school and host different events throughout the year that help new students feel that they are a part of their new school.  

Activities include:
    ----Tours for new students
    ----"Meet and Greet" event for new students
    ----Veterans Day Luncheon

If you would like more information about JS2S or would like to become a member, please contact one of the two JS2S sponsors at Zucker:

Ms. Lotts - 843-207-7010 (
Ms. Cary - 843-767-8383 x25630 (