2017-2018 Yaschik Award Recipients

June 2018 - Zoe El-Amin*, 8th Grade Class of 2018
May 2018 - Ms. Carie Tyndall, Exception Children teacher
 April 2018 - Ms. Ashley Berryhill, P.E. teacher
March 2018 - Ms. Christina Hanes, long-term substitute
February 2018 - Ms. Price, Data Clerk
January 2018 - Ms. Delores Butler, ISS 
December 2017 - Ms. Iona Soodoo, volunteer and substitute teacher
November 2017 - Ms. Anna Cantu, 7th grade resource teacher
October 2017 - Ms. Shorace Guider, 8th grade ELA teacher
September 2017 - Ms. Desiree Mote, 7th grade social studies teacher
August 2017 - Mr. Jim Radley, volunteer

2016-2017 Yaschik Award Recipients

May 2017 - Mr. Brooks, Guidance Counselor
April 2017 -  Ms. Gorham, Exceptional Children teacher
March 2017 - Ms. Gadsden, Exceptional Children teacher
February 2017 - Mr. Ward, volunteer
January 2017 - Ms. Cary, Librarian/Media Specialist
December 2016 - Mr. Gladden, 7th grade Math teacher
November 2016 - Ms. Masuga, Exceptional Children teacher
October 2016 - Officer Williams, School Resource Officer
September 2016 - Ms. Guider, 7th grade ELA teacher
August 2016 - Mr. Alban, ESOL teacher

2015-2016  Yaschik Award Recipients

Ms. Grogan, Ms. Bell, Mr. McCullough, Ms. Pelkofsky, Ms. Delice, Ms. Gadsden, Mr. Hilden, Mr. Jefferson, Mr. Thompson, Ms. Berryhill, Mr. Crankfield

2014-2015 Yaschik Award Recipients

Ms. Mustipher, Ms. Cary, Ms. Knox, Ms. Anderson, Ms. Grogan, Ms. Benning, Ms. Aviles, Mr. Grant, Mr. Maybank, Ms. Taylor, Ms. Macomber

2013-2014 Yaschik Award Recipients

Mr. Rock, Ms. Benning, Ms. Wheless, Ms. Guider, Ms. Rhyne, Ms. Cary, Ms. Buckheister, Ms. Gethers-Fields, Ms. Young, Ms. Brennan, Ms. Peterson