Women in Aviation - March 21, 2017

Women in Aviation

On Tuesday, March 21st, three 8th grade students had the opportunity to participate in the annual Women in Aviation Career Day at Joint Base Charleston.  The event, which is designed for middle and high school females, brings education, awareness, and focus to students on Air Force opportunities in aviation. This field trip was organized by Ms. Lotts, JZMS guidance counselor, and chaperoned by Mr. Crankfield, parent advocate. Here's what the Zucker students had to say about the field trip: "Today was my best field trip ever."  "I was really inspired."  "I hope I will be able to come back!" Pictured above are Yasmeen El-Amin, Leslie Coronado Hernandez, Alyssa Kapinos, and Mr. Crankfield.  For more photos, see the Photo Gallery.