Job Shadowing - February 2, 2017

Job Shadowing

The following information is from a press release sent out by the Charleston County Transportation Development:

"Charleston County Transportation Development hosted a local Science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) student for job shadowing on Thursday, Feb. 2. Jerry Zucker Middle School sixth-grader Tim'mia Habersham experienced a day in the life of a civil engineer, shadowing Transportation Development Director Steve Thigpen. 

Jerry Zucker Middle School’s counselor Jordane Lotts explained the math and science school selected the student because of her noticeable interest and aptitude in the pre-engineering course Gateway to Technology.

'Shadowing is great hands-on experience,' said Lotts.  'It gives you the opportunity to see first-hand that skills you learn in school are related to the skills you need to be successful in the workplace.'

The shadowing kicks off a new year for the Careers in Transportation program, where Charleston County Transportation Development engineers and staff participate in career fair and job shadowing events throughout the school district. 

'We are proud of the work our staff has done with local schools to help engage young engineers,' said Transportation Development Director Steve Thigpen. 'Charleston County works hard to improve the infrastructure in our community and we will continue to play a role in shaping future generations in the transportation field.'

Programs like Careers in Transportation inform the public about how road construction is more than just building; It has cultural, economic and social impacts on the community. Charleston County Transportation Development supports STEM and other education programs as a civic responsibility to educate local youth about the importance of forward-thinking, economical infrastructure development. 

Visit the official website at for public meeting notices and up-to-date news and information about all Charleston County Transportation Sales Tax road projects. Anyone with questions about the project can call Charleston County’s Transportation Development Department at (843) 202-6140."