Shout Outs

December 16, 2018

Dear Mr. Perlmutter,
We attended a basketball tournament this past Saturday and played against your MS boys team.  While losing is never fun, I just need to commend your team and coaches on a game well played and for having such great sportsmanship.
Last week we played a team, I will not specifically name their school, but their players were jerks.  One actually asked my son if he wanted to fight.  Your young men played hard, but with no attitude or bravado.  When one of your players accidentally ran smack into my son, he gave him a smile and a compliment.  Some coaches act downright violent on the sidelines, I've seen some literally spitting while they yell... but your coaches led your team with dignity and professionalism.
Please pass it on to your school and your coaches that you all have something to be proud of and it is much more than just a win at the tournament.  You're growing amazing young adults there and you should be proud.  It will be a pleasure to see them all again during the season.  Happy Holidays to you all.

Most sincerely,

Kristy Streb
Mom of a Palmetto Scholars Academy 8th grade basketball player