Dr. Yeager

Dr. Yeager
Course Description

Band is a Fine Arts course in which students will play musical instruments and perform music in various styles. In addition, students will perform at various school and community events (see calendar).

Assessment & Grading

Students will earn grades based on a weighted system:

     Each QUARTER grade will equal:

          35%     Performances*

          35%     Weekly participation and preparation

          25%     Playing tests

            5%     Other assignments

The SEMESTER grade will equal: (Average of 2 quarters x .8) + (Concert grade x .2)

* See calendar. Points will be deducted for tardiness, improper attire, improper equipment storage, etc.

Performance Uniforms

Each student will be required to wear proper attire in order to perform:

Girls: Zucker Band polo shirt, black shoes/socks, black pants or skirt (NO JEANS!)

Boys: Zucker Band polo shirt, black shoes/socks, black pants (NO JEANS!)

Band shirts are available through me for $25. If this is a problem for you, please speak to me.


Contact Information


Phone: (843) 767-8383

Office Hours: 

This Week's Updates & Assignments


    Extra Help Opportunities

    I will stay after school Tuesdays (and some Thursdays) after Labor Day to work with students.