Military Children

Top 3 Stressors Military-Connected Children Face

1. Frequent Relocations
Relocations may be especially challenging for children with special needs or for children of the National Guard and Reserve service members whose families transition from the civilian world to the world of “suddenly military” overnight.
2. Adapting to new schools and relationships
Military-connected children face the challenges of adjusting to new schools, on average, 6-9 times during their K-12 years. Making friends in a new environment can be even more challenging.
3. Deployment and reintegration
Worry over a loved one’s safety and the adjustments required when he/she returns, along with altered roles in the family, can add stress to a child. The cumulative effects of the piling up of events, perhaps with one right after the other, may require additional emotional watch care and attention from caring adults in the life of the child.

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