Hidden Figures Field Trip - February 14, 2017

Hidden Figures

On Tuesday, February 14th, SPAWAR sponsored a screening of the film Hidden Figures for local students.  Thirty-three students from Zucker, accompanied by Ms. Lotts (guidance) and Ms. Price (front office) had the opportunity to attend.  Here is what Ms. Lotts had to say about the experience:

"The Hidden Figures field trip was tremendous!  Upon arrival there were booths set up for students to browse STEM companies like SPAWAR, NASA, and NUCOR. 

The movie was funny and moving!  Learning about how these three brilliant women overcame civil rights obstacles, yet still made such a tremendous impact on our nation is inspiring.  

The panel discussion was interesting.  There were motivational speakers from Google, Engineers from City of Charleston, and SPAWAR that spoke about their jobs, education and persistence, confidence, professional communication, body language, work ethic, motivation by wages, travel and more.  

The MC did three giveaways and all three were won by Zucker girls!  The trip was concluded with pizza, chips, and juice.  
​​​​Ms. Price and I encouraged the students to write thank you notes about what they learned."