Lightning Soccer Opens Season with Winning Game - April 20, 2017


The North Charleston Recreation Department Middle School Soccer League season began on Thursday, April 20th with the Zucker Lightning taking on the Northwoods Nighthawks.  The following first game recap was provided by JZMS Principal Jacob Perlmutter:  

"This promises to be an amazing soccer season, folks... We opened with fireworks tonight between our league dominant ZMS Lightning under the direction of champion coach Dwayne Crankfield and our crosstown rival Northwoods Nighthawks under new management.  They brought a high energy coach of their own who fielded a high energy team who delivered end-to-end action tonight.  We knew everyone was gonna bring their best when they came for us but didn't know it would start with the opening whistle of the season.  In the first half, your Lightning scored on a nifty ball from Alex into newcomer Andre, a cute but dangerous kid from Sanders' homeroom who looks an awful lot like our former phenom Taryll. Also in the first half, Oscar Hernandez went down with a serious ankle injury causing Mr. Perlmutter to suffer from flashbacks of watching "Frozen" on repeat in Spanish in the pediatric ER with his little sisters last winter. The Lightning took their 1 to 0 lead into the half time break... but everyone knew that lead wouldn't hold... the steady referees whistles and steady gnats ate up the first minutes of the second half until a questionable call awarded the Nighthawks a penalty kick which they converted to tie the game with 10 minutes remaining. Coach Crankfield immediately sent his starters back out for an all out assault to regain the lead, which they did on a great shot from Lucio who turned in an amazing all-around performance showing both leadership and humility on the field. The Lightning rode out the final few minutes as the Nighthawks desperately tried to equalize to no avail. Lightning win!!! The Lightning take game one! This season is going to be amazing!"